The Brewery

A True Micro-Brewery in a Breath-Taking Setting

All Brehon Brewhouse beer is brewed on site at a state of the art micro-brewing facility on our farm. Due to the continued popularity of our beers at home and abroad we have grown to a 30 HL plant in a short space of time.

All canning and bottling occurs onsite and all of our ingredients are sourced from the local farming community.
We have a Deep Borewell on site which provides all of the water required for the brewing process. Our grains can be traced to source. We use Propylene Glycol to control temperatures during the brewing process.
Its true to say that the biggest ingredient added to our beer is time. We never rush our brewing process and are committed to dedicating the required time to make each brew perfect. We are very proud of the quality of our brewing process and the great beers that are born within.

Our Brewing Process

We start by taking water that has fallen on the rolling drumlins surrounding us and then mash it with the finest of barley malts.

In our copper we add fragrant hops from around the world depending on the particular beer we are brewing that day.

The hopped wort is then cooled rapidly through the heat exchanger with chilled water from our own lake…..a very ‘green’ process.

After fermentation the beer is filtered and conditioned, if it is to be kegged, or just conditioned if it is to be bottled.


Crann Beatha award
Dublin Craft Cup