About Brehon

A craft beer brand inspired by the history of its Landscape….

Visitors to The Brehon Brewery and Farm will feel immediately immersed in Irish culture and history. The name of this brewery is inspired by the old Brehon Laws that governed medieval Ireland, which stated that every clan was allowed to brew beer for their own family. All of this wonderful heritage is incorporated into the Brehon Brewhouse brand.

Located in Co. Monaghan, Brehon Brewhouse was founded by Dairy Farmer Seamus McMahon, who wanted to diversify his homestead taking inspiration from the wealth of literary and familial history in the area. Brehon Brewhouse offers an immersive experience for craft beer enthusiasts including a visit to the milking parlour. Visitors get to see the master brewer and his apprentice at work, offering them an immersive experience for craft beer enthusiasts.

The farm has been in the McMahon family for generations, originally a dairy farm and still home to a dairy herd milked every day today. The brewing aspect offered a way to boost the productivity of the homestead. At a time when craft brewing was taking off, Seamus decided to have a go. Sheds were converted for the brewery and a Master Brewer employed.

Brehon Brewhouse beers are now available in many countries, as well as around Ireland. Seamus, often referred to as the ‘King of Stouts’ has created a beautiful range of high quality craft beer with a flavour to suit everyone’s tastes.

Patrick Kavanagh’s poem Stony Grey Soil inspired the name of the first beer brewed at the Brehon Brewhouse. The poet was born just a few miles from the brewery, located on the McMahon family farm in Dunelty, Inniskeen Co. Monaghan. Should you decide to visit the brewery, the wonderful Patrick Kavanagh Centre is just a stone’s throw away and is well worth a visit.

Tours of the farm and brewery are available. Visitors can see the milking parlour and meet the McMahon herd which supplies milk to Glanbia and cream for the famous Bailey’s liqueur. Afterwards, the group moves on to the brewery to smell the specially selected malts that go into this beer and see the Master Brewer and his apprentice at work. All brewing, bottling and capping is done by hand.

The tour then moves to the tasting room in the original family home, which still has the old range and dressers Seamus’s grandmother used. What a site to behold! Nobody leaves this room disappointed.

The tour ends with a little beer taster in the surrounds of this magical place, while Seamus regales with stories of events that happened there and the characters who resided their over the years.