Oak And Mirrors 500ml

It’s Stout Season!!!

As the dark evenings creep in earlier and earlier with every passing night, it can only mean one thing. Yes, the most wonderful time of year is upon us. No we don’t mean Christmas, we mean Stout Season. That time of the year when Breweries up and down the country realease big and powerful stouts, some of which have been aged in barrels.


To mark the occasion, we kept a few barrels, provided to us by Two Stacks Whisky, of our now famous Oak And Mirrors behind. Not only that but we have also upgraded this Whisky Aged Porter to 500ml bottles and the icing on the cake, we sealed it by hand with some new Gold Wax.


This superior cask-aged whiskey porter will please the most discerning of whiskey-loving palettes. Extremely limited edition – available while stocks last!

7.5% ABV